Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shooting the Moon

We recently had a supermoon this month in case you missed it. The moon was the closest it has been to the earth in over 18 years. And of course photographers around the world were excited to "shoot the moon". I wanted to get an awesome shot myself but I was stumped on how to do so. How do you take a picture of a big ball of reflected light? Thankfully I follow an amazing Photography blog done by MCP Actions and headed up by Jodi. She has incredible photoshop actions and tools that I am completely in love with and use quite often in my post production editing. Her blog is full of incredible information and all things photography. I'm an avid reader! So of course she posted an amazing article on shooting the moon. It was full of step by step, easy to understand, and practical information that made shooting the moon easy for a first timer like me...even if it was cloudy. Of course these tools can be used no matter if its a super full moon or not. So check out the blog and try it out next full moon!

Here's my attempt by the way. MCP's blog has pictures that blow mine out of the water from all over the world. It makes me green with envy. :)

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